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Talk: 'How to Enjoy Being A Woman, Mother and Professional' with Kate Silverton

An evening with renowned journalist and broadcaster Kate Silverton, she explored how to juggle a career and family life. Kate shared her own experiences and discussed:

  • Starting motherhood later in life - the myth vs the reality

  • The dangers of putting career before family - and how to find the balance

  • How to be strong enough to demand an employer be flexible and respect our rights to a family and a family life

Feedback from the evening...

'Kate was fab - so open and that allowed others to be open. The topic was super important to a lot of the audience' 

'Some women found a place to talk some issues through that they clearly didn’t have before! Epic!'

'Kate was extraordinary – it was an insightful, interesting, personal and honest account of her journey so far and I felt honoured to be sat there listening. She gave me “the goosebumps” time and time again and I felt I could relate to much of her story.'

'The all-girl nature really added openness and honesty.

'Wanted to say how BRILLIANT I found tonight’s talk. My friend and I loved it and feel v inspired by Kate and the other women.'